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A gang sheet is a printing term used in the production of newspapers, magazines, and other printed materials. It refers to a large sheet of paper or film that contains multiple images or pages of a publication arranged in a specific layout.

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Our Annual

What is Direct to Film?

DTF, or Direct To Film, is a revolutionary technique. It entails printing your vibrant design directly onto film, then smoothly transferring it onto fabrics like cotton, polyester, and linen using just a quick 8-10 second press.


What Size Options Do You Offer?


Experience Printing Width of Up to 24 inches and Unlimited Printing Length.


How Well Do Transfers Hold Up After Washing?


Our transfers have undergone rigorous testing on a range of garments and will last around 60 washes

What file format should my artwork be?

Your artwork must be print ready, at the size you want it to be printed. 300 DPI resolution is suggested for best results. Please ensure that your background is 100% transparent otherwise it will be printed as it is received.

Accepted files types: PNG, TIFF


Our Motto
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

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